how to send food Food are probably the most sent products in the world. There are many reasons why more and more people send food and drink:
personal necessities
commercial reasons (import-export of your commercial products)
With is possible to send food and drink whether you are a private or a company. In this guide we will give you all the information you need to do it.

Send food and drink: rules and prohibitions

Foods are a very broad products category. In the shipping world it is subjected to special procedures subjected to limits and restrictions. When it comes to food shipping, in fact, a distinction must be made between the DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOOD.

send sport helps you send sports equipment wherever you want so you don’t have to pay extra charges at the airport.

We offer you the possibility to send sports equipment because we know how important sports are for our customers. delivers your bikes, skis and other sports equipment wherever you are going on holiday.

If you choose to send your sports equipment with, you will enjoy advantages such as more relaxed travel as you are baggage free and you will save money because additional baggage charges can be very high.

Our advice to send your sports equipment with to pay attention to these simple guidelines. Sports equipment must be packaged and put into parallelepiped-shaped boxes with a maximum length of 2m. You must use a cardboard box and attach the shipping label securely.

send a christmas giftDo you want to send a Christmas gift to your relatives? Although there are some items we cannot send, can help you as usual. If you need to send a Christmas gift somewhere in Europe, you should consider the dimensions of your parcel as the shipment cost is based on them. If your Christmas gift doesn’t exceed 1kg, you can choose to send an envelope or a small parcel all over Europe. Your relatives or friends will receive their gifts within a few days!

According to prices, the standard rate for European shipments starting from €19.00.

If your Christmas gift doesn’t exceed 30kg, you have to send it as a parcel. Click on Send a parcel. You already know that prices depend on the final destination of your goods as well as parcel dimensions.

move to a new houseDo you need to move into a new house? If so we can help. Send your items with which guarantees low prices and high-quality delivery. Although there are some goods you cannot send, check out the following page to find out how can help you move into your new home.

We cannot send furniture and electrical appliances. We might send them as a pallet but packing these items could be difficult if you don’t deal with shipments. However, we can advise you on the best moving companies.

Except for these cases, we will be glad to help you move into a new house as we know how stressful a time this is. If you need to send clothes or small items, you can definitely rely on us to get these to your new home quickly and at a low cost.


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