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packaging materialsIf you want your shipment to be delivered safely, then we would advise you to wrap your parcel with high quality materials.

The following list shows you the ‘must-have’ materials you need to pack your parcel correctly.

Cardboard box

You can buy high-quality cardboard boxes in stationery shops. We would advise you to use corrugated boards suitable for packaging. You can find a range of all shapes and sizes to fit the shape of your package.
You can use a new cardboard box or a recycled one but if you decide to use the latter, make sure it has no holes or old labels on it. If your parcel is not correctly wrapped, the freight forwarder won’t pick it up

Stuffed cardboard box

If you want to send fragile items and avoid damage and breakages, use stuffed cardboard boxes, consider this for the shipment of computers or electronic equipment to protect it during transportation.

Wooden box

Sometimes cardboard boxes are replaced by wooden boxes because they are more resistant and secure. Wooden boxes are ideal for sending fragile items as they are more robust and less likely to be damaged during the courier process.

Packaging tape

If you want to seal your parcel perfectly, you will need packaging tape. Use a 4/5 cm polypropylene tape which is shock-resistant. At Sendparcelnow.com we would advise you to tape your parcel securely to guarantee that it remains safe and secure.

Bubble wrap

At Sendparcelnow.com we suggest you use bubble wrap to protect your items inside the cardboard box. It’s easy to find in shops, it’s cheap and perfect to wrap your fragile items as it softens blows when things get dislodged during transportation.

Foam board

Another useful packaging material is foam board. It is very common thanks to its low weight and its capability to soften blows. You can find cheap foam boards in a stationery or packaging shop. The most common measures are 50 x 80cm.

Packing peanuts

Packing peanuts are excellent to protect your valuable items or to fill empty spaces and gaps in your cardboard boxes. it’s very cheap and light, so it won’t increase the weight of your parcel.

Polystyrene bottle rack

Polystyrene bottle racks are necessary to protect your glass bottles during shipment. Sendparcelnow.com requires you to use them. Their dimensions depend on the size of the bottles, however, everybody can afford them and you can buy them in wine cellars, packaging shops or online.

Cling film

Among the other packing materials, we advise you to wrap your items with cling film. Cling film is relatively cheap and most likely found in all kitchens, and if you use it correctly, it will guarantee impact strength at very little cost

Pallet footboard

If you need to send pallets, you will need to put your goods on big and resistant footboards. They can be found in carpentry or packaging shops. Pallet prices are low and the dimensions are based on the size of the pallet you want to send.

These are the main materials Sendparcelnow.com recommends that you use to make sure your parcel is delivered safely.

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