can offers an excellent parcel tracking service. Please enter your tracking number below. Then select the name of the courier to know the delivery status of your parcel.

Thanks to our tracking system, you will know the exact location of you parcel or whether there have been any possible delivery problems at anytime, anywhere you are.

The tracking code is included in the shipping costs, so you just have to keep the tracking code close to hand anytime you want to check on your parcel.

Couriers tracking number example

tnt tracking exampledpd tracking examplegls tracking exampleups tracking examplefedex tracking

These are some example labels of the various express couriers. The parts highlighted in red indicate where the tracking number is located. Remind that you will need the tracking number and the courier's name to track your shipment.

Find out how to track a parcel with our video tutorial

Order shipping status

The traceability of a shipping order is very important to allows you the possibility to monitor your parcels at every movement and confirm its status.
A few possible shipping notices you could find when checking your tracking online are:


indicates that the shipment will be delivered during the day


this status indicates that the shipment is regularly on the way


The parcel delivery has been delayed due to circumstances outside of the courier's control (for example, weather conditions, strikes, and technical, or logistical issues)


The courier has identified a problem with the provided delivery address. In this case, get in contact with a customer service operator as soon as possible to confirm the location of your delivery address.


Although we provide a tracking number which enables our clients to know when delivery will occur, sometimes the recipient is not available to receive the parcel. If you see this note on your tracking status, contact us immediately to organise a new delivery time. If your courier doesn’t receive notice of a new delivery time, they are obliged to arrange a “return to sender order”, which could lead to you receiving a penalty charge.

These are only some examples of shipment status notices. If you are in any doubt over the tracking of your parcel, or a status notice, our advice is to contact us immediately.

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