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how to packDo you know how to pack a parcel with Sendparcelnow.com? This page shows you all the information you need to know about packing. Just follow our simple guidelines to find out how to pack a parcel safely and securely.

The most important thing to avoid damages or breakages is to use the appropriate materials. Take a look at our advice as it may save you time and money in the long run by avoiding any unnecessary breakages.

Use intact and strong cardboard, without labels or bar codes

Boxes have to be intact, make sure they don’t have labels or bar codes on them as this can be confusing to the courier and they might refuse to pick them up. You can use recycled packaging materials too, just ensure that there are no labels on the surface area of the box except your Sendparcelnow.com shipping label. We recommend that you use double wall boxes to courier your items because they prevent damage during transport.

How to pack a parcel to send fragile items

If you need to pack fragile items, protect them with polystyrene or bubble wrap to avoid damage. Our express couriers pay attention to every single parcel but by being proactive and protecting your packaging you can ensure that your package arrives at its destination safely and intact.

At Sendparcelnow.com we want to show you how to pack a parcel containing fragile items safely and securely. Take a look at the video at the bottom of the page that will help you pack your fragile items and give you some quick hints and tips

Making sure your parcel is perfectly sealed with no lumps and bumps

If you need to send a parcel, send an envelope or send pallet you must make sure your items are perfectly sealed so that items do not come out of their packaging. Make sure you seal and wrap your parcel with adhesive tape several times to make sure it won’t open during transportation.

Make sure you seal all gaps and use duct tape or strong parcel tape. We’ve put a helpful video together that will show you how to use adhesive tape correctly. Make sure you pay attention to lumps and bumps in your packaging, express couriers won’t pick parcels up that have any protrusions. You may want to consider sending a larger box to stop your items sticking out of the box!

How to wrap bottles and glass containers

You can only send liquids with glass containers if they are wrapped correctly with polystyrene [ I am not sure if this is correct?]. Glass containers could break and spill, damaging other items during the transport. If you need to send liquids it is compulsory for you to use polystyrene in order to prevent damage or breakages otherwise our couriers will refuse to pick up the item. If you do not use polystyrene Sendparcelnow.com will signal your parcel as ‘incorrectly wrapped’. This could mean the payment of a penalty for damages, so please make sure you follow our rules so this doesn’t happen to you!

How to send a bottle of olive oil with Sendparcelnow.com

We’ve created a video that shows you how to wrap a parcel to send olive oil using metal tin containers.
If you want to send a bottle of olive oil, you will need:

  • A resistant cardboard box
  • Foam boards at least 1,5 cm thick
  • Pellicle packing
  • Adhesive tape

You will also need some scissors, a tape dispenser and a trolley to roll the parcel whilst using the pellicle packing. Our video focuses on metal containers but not glass containers, which have to be wrapped with polystyrene.


How to pack unusual items

Do you need to send unusual items which are an irregular shape? If so we have put together some advice to help you.

This page will show you how to pack, for example, a bike for shipment. Begin by taking off the wheels, the saddle and all removable parts. Put them into one or more rigid boxes and avoid lumps and bumps. Every part of the bike has to be packed following these procedures.

If you want to send a painting, you have to follow special packaging instructions by putting the item into a wooden box or use a cardboard box at least 1cm thick. Please note it’s not possible to send valuable paintings or pictures with glass part

Further information

We want to make sure that every step of packaging and sending your item is easy. Before the express courier arrives to pick up your item make sure you write the tracking number and the receiver’s address on one side of the box to make the courier's task easier and avoid any delay. If you are looking for packaging, then please use the following sites:

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