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weight dimensionsIf you want to send a parcel, an envelope or a pallet with Sendparcelnow.com, you must make sure you follow our rules in relation to weight and packaging dimensions.

You can send a parcel with maximum weight of 50kg. If your parcel exceeds the weight limits, you will need to opt for our send pallet option. It’s important to pay attention to the overall dimensions of your parcel which must not exceed 3m. Before you fill your online form in make sure you weight your parcel and calculate the sides to make sure they don’t exceed limits.

Weight limits

The weight declared during the booking must correspond to reality. Every parcel mustn’t exceed 30kg for standard parcels.

We remind you that if the volumetric weight is higher than the actual weight of the parcel that you have indicated, the volumetric weight will be considered to process the shipping rate.

To calculate the volumetric weight of a parcel to be sent, you must perform the following calculation:

(L1/100) x (L2/100) x (L3/100) x 250

Dimension limits

Each side mustn’t exceed 2m.
The following formula allows you to calculate dimensions and measures of your parcel:

[ (L+P) x 2 ] + H < 300 cm

H stands for the height of the parcel.
L and P stand for width and depth respectively.

If the parcel exceeds 3m you will be charged extra, depending on the dimensions:

  • From 300 to 310 cm additional charge £ 15,00
  • From 311 to 320 cm additional charge £ 25,00
  • From 321 to 330 cm additional charge £ 50,00

Limits of shape

The parcel shape must be uniform (such as a cube, a parallelepiped or a cylinder). No protrusions, lumps or bumps.

Weight and measures regulations for import

If you want to send a parcel to Europe, it mustn’t exceed 30kg and 3m altogether. Make sure you calculate the dimensions of the parcel you want to import through the formula we provided you above, if you are having any problems with the formula then please speak to one of our team. They would be happy to talk you through it. If your parcel exceeds the limits, we can provide you with a bespoke quote – just get in touch.

N.B. Weights and dimensions declared during the booking must correspond to reality.
We advise you to follow our regulations according to weight and dimensions of the parcel in order to avoid the payment of a penalty (£ 60,00)

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