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how to send a parcelSending a parcel with is very simple and easy!

Click the button below and send a parcel now!

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Every parcel is picked up at the sender’s address and delivered at the receiver’s address.

We work and have great relationships with express couriers all across the UK and Europe which means that can offer you low prices with a high quality service.

All delivery costs are dependent on the weight of your package and its final destination.

How to send a parcel with

In order to make placing an order run as smoothly as possible we have put some guidelines together to help you place your order:

1 Fill in our form online

In our online form make sure you provide the details about the sender’s address and the date on which you want the courier to pick them up. Make sure you add all the information about who the receiver is, where they are located and the type of parcel you want to send. At this point, it’s important that you give us both contact details for the receiver and the sender so that we can get in touch with them if there are any issues.

2 Pay for your order in safety

You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card Once you provide the information about your consignment please make sure that you pay in advance with either your PayPal account or Credit Card. All delivery costs are dependent on weight and the number of packages you wish to send. If you want to pay with PayPal you will need to have your email address and account password to hand. If you are wanting to pay by Credit Card make sure you include your credit card number, its expiration date and the security number (the 3 digits at the back on the signature strip). If you are couriering as a company don’t forget to add details about the invoice if you need it.

3 Print the shipping label and attach it on the parcel

Once payment has been confirmed you will receive two emails. The first email will confirm the order and the second will confirm the correct payment. You will then be sent the shipping label via e-mail within an hour to identify your parcel. After printing the shipping label, attach it to the outside of parcel securely.

4 Wait for the courier to arrive to pick up your parcel

On your pick up day the courier will arrive at the sender’s address to pick up the parcel and transport it to the receiver. Once the parcel leaves the sender you can check the exact location of your parcel until it is delivered. All our express couriers guarantee speed and safe consignments thanks to their in-depth knowledge of international regulations.

5 Check your parcel every step of the way

Thanks to our online tracking system, you can easily check your parcel through your phone, tablet or laptop. Use the code on the shipping label to determine the exact position of your parcel anytime, anywhere.

If at any point you are having any issues with our form please follow the tutorial below that will take you through the process step by step, including payment.

how to send a parcel infographic

Our advice for safe shipping:

  • Make sure you rap your parcel correctly and follow the rules given by the express couriers in order to avoid damage and breakages.
  • Use undamaged boxes when packaging your parcel. If you decide to use recycled boxes, make sure they are intact and remove all labels. Make sure you add your shipping label securely so that you can track where your parcel is at each stage in its journey.
  • Write the tracking number and the receiver’s address clearly on one side of the parcel to make the consignment easier to read for the express courier.
  • If you are not in when the courier arrives to pick up your parcel, you can add an alternative sender’s address. We advise you to choose a shop because it has similar opening hours as our couriers.
  • The same goes for the receiver. Add an alternative receiver’s address (your workplace or your friend’s home) to avoid delays and make sure your parcel arrives with no delays.

Prohibited items allows you to send many different types of items all over the UK and Europe. However, there is a list of prohibited items which our courier network is not allowed to send. Among the prohibited items there are explosives, perfumes and all inflammable as they are a danger to other people’s lives when in transit. Other items include televisions and works of art. Please note it is possible to send empty glass bottles for example, as long as they are correctly packaged.

Supporting you every step of the way

You can easily send parcels, send envelopes or send pallets with If you have any problems, then talk to us. We have a helpful customer service team that can be contacted via WhatsApp, social network, live chat, email and telephone where you can receive tailored advice and support if you are having any issues. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Parcel tracking help provides you with an efficient parcel tracking help service. Our service allows you to track your parcel using the code on the label, there are no additional costs involved with this service as it is included in the shipping cost. You can check where your parcel is through the tracking number anytime or place!

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