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Send Parcel Now is a low-cost shipping company that allows you to send envelopes, parcels, and pallets within the UK, and to Europe.

our company

Book deliveries via our easy-to-use online service with peace of mind, knowing that we use only the best express courier service providers, such us Ups, Dpd, Parcelforce, Fedex, etc.

Cheap, fast and easy

Every day, thousands of people and companies save money on shipping thanks to SendParcelNow.com. Through our web portal, anyone can purchase a parcel, envelope, or pallet shipping service for the UK, and abroad.

Book national or international shipping in less than 5 minutes, straight from your smartphone, pc, or tablet, without having to go anywhere.

We will collect and deliver your shipment, all within just a few working days, and for a very reasonable price!

Why choose SendParcelNow.com

  1. Traceability: track the whereabouts of your package anytime, and anywhere you are. We provide a tracking code for every shipment which allows you to keep track of your items via our efficient tracking system.
  2. Simplicity: use our website to send a parcel, envelope, or pallet, anywhere in Europe, or the UK by filling out our simple online forms.
  3. Speed: we guarantee home pick-up and delivery within a few working days using the best express couriers.
  4. FREE collection service: every shipment booked includes pick-up from your chosen location by an express courier, at no additional cost.
  5. Lowest prices for UK & International deliveries: thanks to our partnerships with the world’s best international, express couriers, we can guarantee you convenient, complete, and cost-effective shipping services.
  6. Security: our professional team ensures every shipment is secure, from the point of online booking to the moment of delivery.

History of Send Parcel Now Ltd

our company

Send Parcel Now Ltd was born in London and was created to set up the e-commerce website SendParcelNow.com. Our aim is to help customers to send parcels, envelopes, and pallets from the UK to other European countries and vice versa, through our network of express couriers.

Our team is made up of young experts in logistics, information technology, and communication, who collaborated to create SendParcelNow.com.

At SendParcelNow.com we guarantee a low price, yet high-quality service, for all our clients. Sending a parcel with SendParcelNow.com is very quick and easy.

If you'd like to place an online order, fill in our online form, and add the sender and receiver address. Payment can be made via Credit or Debit Card or Paypal.

Our express courier will then be booked. They will pick up your package from the sender’s address, delivering it to the receiver as quickly as possible.

Please note, our company doesn't directly handle the delivery itself, but it does entrust and work closely with well-known couriers such as TNT, UPS; Parcelforce, GLS, and DPD to make sure your package is delivered on time.

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