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send an envelope by courierDo you need to send an envelope weighing up to 1 kg? You’re in the right place! Click the button below and send an envelope now!

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With you can send documents, send letters, and other objects with small dimensions in an envelope, saving time, money, and effort.

The service we offer is ideal both for individuals and companies. In fact, it’s easy, convenient and practical to book something like a shipment of private documents or advertising postcards for your business! Would you like to send envelopes in the UK or Europe through express courier with just one click? Start now!

Send an envelope: how much does it cost?

The price of sending an envelope with varies depending on the type of shipping. Our prices are divided by the geographic area of a shipment’s departure and arrival. For example, send an envelope within the Europe from £14,00.

How do you send an envelope online with SendParcelNow?

With SendParcelNow, you can send envelopes in just a few easy steps:

  1. Fill in the booking form in no time, by inserting the required information - Insert details of the sender, receiver, and of the envelope you are sending (weight, measurements, quantity, content), then choose a pick-up date according to your availability.

  2. Pay in advance using PayPal, or credit card - The payment is simple and most importantly, safe. Thanks to modern telematic control systems, there are no scam or account cloning risks.

  3. Print the shipping label and stick it to the envelope - We will process your order and send you an email that includes your shipping label. Stick your label to one side of the envelope you wish to send.

  4. Wait for the courier home pick-up service - A courier will arrive to collect the envelope at the sender’s indicated address on the day you have chosen the pick-up service to happen.

  5. Monitor the envelope shipment until delivery - You now just have to wait for the home delivery, which will happen in a few working days. In the meanwhile, you can monitor the journey of the envelope shipped. Simply insert the tracking number we gave you in the dedicated shipping search tool.

Envelope labels

We provide your envelope shipping labels. Once you have booked your shipment online you will receive a confirmation email with the labels within a few minutes. Print them and stick them on each envelope if you have more than one. The labels are very important because they display the addresses of the sender and receiver, and the tracking number identifying the envelope shipped allowing it to be tracked from pick-up to delivery.

Send an envelope: how to put the address in a right way

how to put an address on an envelope As noted before, SendParcelNow provides shipping labels for any envelopes being shipped. Nevertheless, we suggest to always rewrite with a pen the sender and receiver’s addresses and phone numbers on the envelope, along with the envelope’s tracking number. This way, even in the unlikely event of the label peeling off, it will always be possible to track down the sender and receiver, so we can make sure the envelope is delivered.

To write the sender & receiver addresses on a small-sized envelope, for example, a letter, write the sender’s address on the front of the letter and the receiver’s address on the back.

If you’re sending a large envelope, you can write both the sender and receiver’s addresses on one side of the envelope with the sender’s on the top left, and the receiver’s on the bottom right.
We remind you that the sender is the person sending the envelope and the receiver is the person who will receive it.

For more information you can also consult wiki how tutorial.

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