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how to send a palletDo you need to send a pallet? Rely on one of the best pallet delivery companies: choose!
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We are a young and dynamic shipping company that can help you ship pallets from/to the UK and Europe in a safe, quick, and convenient way, using the best express international couriers.

Our pallet shipping services are trackable and provide home pick up & delivery, so you won’t need to go anywhere! A courier will arrive at your door and use the appropriate machinery and tools to pick up and deliver your pallet within a few working days. What are you waiting for?

The main advantage of shipping a pallet with is the simplicity in which you can plan, book and manage your shipment. Everything can be booked effortlessly through our advanced, yet clear and simple system. Even first-timers find it easy-to-use.

Feel free to contact our customer service center via one of our various channels, free of charge, to get any information you need to prepare your pallet shipment, from packing to delivery.

Send a pallet in 4 steps with SendParcelNow

  1. Ask for a quote and quickly receive the best offer

    Fill in the quote request form providing your shipping details, in a short time you will receive our best offer.

  2. Confirm your booking with payment

    If the quote is compatible with your needs, you can seamlessly proceed to confirm the booking with a secure Paypal or credit card payment.

  3. Prepare the pallet and wait for pick-up

    Correctly prepare your pallet following the directions below. On the pick-up day, a courier will pick up your pallet using suitable tools for loading.

  4. Track your pallet online

    Follow your pallet’s journey from the comfort of your own home, using our pallet tracking system. The pallet will be delivered within a few days at the recipient’s address

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How do you prepare a pallet for shipping?

Your pallet should be safely packed in a way that respects the standard pallet shipping rules.

To pack a pallet you will need to:

- Get a pallet

- Place the objects you want to ship onto the pallet.

If you have a number of packages containing various objects, it’s important that each object, in each package is well protected using shock-absorbent materials. Seal the packages with packing tape and place them on top of each other, and/or side-by-side.

Avoid letting any part of your package overhang the perimeter of the pallet.

If you have only one bulky or heavy object, such as an appliance (washing machine, fridge, air-conditioner), furniture, sports equipment, mechanical components, etc., the object should be wrapped with protective materials, such as cardboard or polystyrene.

- Block the items together on your pallet using tape and packaging film, start at the base of the pallet and work up to the top.

For added security, use elastic ropes with hooks (bungees) to secure the load to the base of the pallet.

Wpallet wight and dimensionseight & size limits for shipping a pallet

Every pallet sent by express courier must comply with specific weight and size limits.
It’s important to respect these conditions in order to allow your courier to pick up and transport your shipment without any issues.

How heavy can a pallet be for shipping?

With you can send pallets weighing up to 800 kg.

How high or wide can a pallet be for shipping?

The dimensions should comply with the Europallet standard dimensions for pallet sizes, i.e. with a base of 120 x 80 cm or 120 x 120 cm, and a max height of 180 cm.

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