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send parcel to is an international courier network that can guarantee fast and efficient online delivery to send parcel to France. Our express couriers will pick your parcel up and deliver it to any location in France as quickly as possible. You can send an envelope, send parcel and send pallet safely with our courier service. The booking process is quick and easy. At we guarantee the best delivery services to send parcels to France to any location in the country. Get in touch to book your shipment now.

Delivery times for to send parcel to France

When you send parcels to France delivery times can vary from 48 to 92 hours. Timings are dependent on the place of pick up and final destination of your parcel. express courier network is also able to deliver too remote and hard to reach areas in France. Please note delivery times could vary to up to 7 working days if the area is difficult to reach.

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How to send parcel to France

To book your parcel delivery, click on “Send parcel” and fill in the “Shipping form” to send your parcel to France.

Make sure you provide us with all the details about the sender and the receiver and choose a collection date. Please also add details about the number of parcels you would like to send, along with their measurements.

Check the information provided is correct on your form and click on “Book your shipment”. You will then be taken through to our payment page – please note we take PayPal and credit cards.

All orders are paid for in advance, please make sure you follow our procedure correctly to make sure there are no delays. Once booked you will receive a confirmation email and shipping label. Please print the shipping label that is attached to the email and secure it on one side of your parcel.

About France

France is situated in Western Europe and is part of the European Union where it is a founding member. France borders Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra and Spain. Around 64m people live in France, and the population is composed of different ethnic groups such as Moroccans, Italians, and the Portuguese. The country has a unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic and its capital city is Paris. Other important cities in France are Nice, Cannes, Marseilles, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Lyon.

Supporting you every step of the way is always on hand to make sure your send parcel, send envelope and send pallet is delivered quickly and efficiently. If you are experiencing any problems please get in touch with us for free via phone, e-mail, social network or online chat. You can contact us throughout the whole shipping process.

Track your parcel any time, any place

With you can check on the delivery status of your parcel up until the time it is delivered to the receiver’s address. Every single item can be tracked easily at any stage during the shipment. All you need to do is use the code on your shipping label to verify where your parcel is and check it whenever you need to.

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