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our service sendparcelnowAt Sendparcelnow.com we make send parcel, send envelope and send pallet easy! If you want to courier your package, then make sure you fill out all the information on our form correctly. Also take a look at the rules and information about the weights and measures to make sure that we have all the information we need to deal with your shipment efficiently. Please make sure you provide honest information as if this is not the case this might lead to a penalty payment or a block on delivering your items.

At Sendparcelnow.com we want to make sure that all our customers have a positive experience with us so please make sure you read the rules and follow our instructions to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

There’s no time to delay make sure you book and pay now at sendparcelnow.com to send parcel, send envelope and send pallet.

Send envelope

If you are looking to send envelope with a maximum weight of up to 1kg then click on send envelope. Our send envelope service allows you to send small parcels such as documents and personal belongings. There are however some items that you are not able to send such as liquids, so make sure that check what you can/cannot send. To send envelope simply fill out our online form, pay and click place your order. Done – easy! All payments are taken in advance.

Send parcel

If you want to send parcel from 1 to 50kg in weight, then this is the service for you. You can send more than one parcel at the same time but you need to make sure that each is under 50kg. For this service all pricing is based on the weight, your final destination and the number of parcels you want to send. Fill out our easy online booking form, pay and place your order.

If you need to send a larger parcel, heavier than 50kg then you need our send pallet option.

Send pallet

If you want to send pallet of up to 350kg then you have come to the right place. If you would like to arrange the shipment of a pallet, then click on send pallet. Shipping a pallet is a little bit different from shipping a parcel or an envelope as the type of transport and the time recordings will influence the final price. Fill out our easy online form and we will send you a quote via email. If you’re happy with the price, then pay in advance to secure your order.

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