ship a computerWhen you are moving home or are selling your computer, you might need to think about how you might go about shipping it.

Shipping a computer is a task that needs to be approached with caution as a computer has some fragile pieces that you are not going to want to break.
At, we can help you to ship your computer to numerous locations around the world with ease, as long as you make sure to pack it properly.

Find out some of our tips for shipping your computer to another country below.

Post Brexit international shipping updateDear customers,

as it is now known, from January 1st 2021 Great Britain (GB) will no longer be part of the customs and fiscal territory of the European Union.

The circulation of goods between the UK and the EU will therefore be considered trade with a Third part Country and therefore subject to customs operations.

ship liquidShipping liquids isn’t always as straightforward as sending a TV or clothes.

There needs to be a lot more care taken with a liquid package as it could leak or spill on the way.

At, we offer an international delivery service that you can rely on. We ship to many countries around the world and our delivery times can be as quick as 1-2 days.

If you want to ship liquids to another country, you can rely on to get the job done right. We will look after your parcel as best we can, and you can track its progress from the collection address to the final delivery.

Find out more about how to ship liquids with below.

sendparcelnow christmas shipping calendarDear customers, given the Christmas holidays, we would like to inform you about our operational plan in order for you to better organise your shipments during this busy periods.
Here is's operational plan for the Christmas period.


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