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ship a computerWhen you are moving home or are selling your computer, you might need to think about how you might go about shipping it.

Shipping a computer is a task that needs to be approached with caution as a computer has some fragile pieces that you are not going to want to break.
At Sendparcelnow.com, we can help you to ship your computer to numerous locations around the world with ease, as long as you make sure to pack it properly.

Find out some of our tips for shipping your computer to another country below.

Packing Your Computer

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These days, computers can be a bit more compact but if you have an advanced computer with many pieces, you might find that it will take you a bit longer to get it ready. It is really important that you know exactly which pieces you are planning on shipping – it might be useful to make a list. Some of the items that should be on this list include the monitor, the processor and all of the cables.
When getting it ready for shipping, you should take it apart gently. You won’t want to break any of these parts before you even start packing it! Once your computer is ready, you can move onto the next step – packing.

To ship your computer, you will need to make sure that it has been securely packed. At Sendparcelnow.com, we can ship everything from pallets to envelopes, as long as you make sure that you give us all of the information that we need. We also can help with shipping TVs and other appliances which can be useful if you are moving.
You’ll need to find a large enough box that will hold all of the parts of your computer. Remember to invest in some packing materials to wrap the items that are just that bit more fragile. We recommend some bubble wrap and polystyrene sheets for the monitor as this could easily break on the journey – despite our best efforts! You can find these packaging materials here.
Once you’ve got your computer all packed up, you can get started on booking your shipment.

Ship A Computer with Sendparcelnow.com

At Sendparcelnow.com, we specialise in getting parcels from A to B in a matter of days. To book a shipment with us, you’ll need to tell us a bit more about your computer including the size of the package and the address that we’ll be shipping it to.
We might ask you to sign a waiver in case anything goes wrong on the journey. We will do everything in our power to keep your computer safe but unfortunately, accidents can happen. Once you have signed the waiver and you have paid for your shipment, you will receive a confirmation with a shipping label.
Make sure that this label is attached to your package before the collection day. The good news is that you can use the handy tracking number along the way!
With Sendparcelnow.com, it is both easy and cost-effective to send a computer to another country. Have a look around our website and book your shipment today when you are ready.

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