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freight transportEvery day we do our best to guarantee successful shipments as we specialise in freight transport. At Sendparcelnow.con we know however, there are some items that cannot be sent. This page shows you the reason why they are prohibited.

We can provide you the “list of prohibited items” containing the goods that are not allowed to be sent. The violation of these limits causes the payment of penalties or criminal sanctions. The list includes explosives, as for obvious reasons their transport could put people’s lives at risk. Perfumes are also not allowed as they are inflammable.

Some other restrictions concern types of foods. For example, cheese and charcuterie require controlled temperatures during transport. Other kinds of foods are allowed (bottles of tomato sauce, wine or extra virgin olive oil) but they have to be packed properly. It’s necessary to use polystyrene bottle racks to prevent breakages and protect glass bottles. Breakages could cause damage to the other items which we want to avoid at all costs.

We find more and more customers want details about the shipment of bikes. This is possible as long as you disassemble all removable parts and put them into cardboard boxes.

You can also ship fragile items, even though we don’t take the responsibility for the shipment of lamps and valuable works of art. We prefer to refuse to send dangerous items, rather than to lose a customer because of the damages suffered.

It’s the same for other fragile items such as television sets. Our express couriers take care of all items but television sets require a particular shipment.

Sendparcelnow.com also doesn’t allow you to send love letters as the receiver might not appreciate them or accuse you of stalking and we don’t want to be accessories to this crime!

If you want more details about what you can and cannot send check out our website and the list of prohibited items. Click here


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