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send sport equipmentSendparcelnow.com helps you send sports equipment wherever you want so you don’t have to pay extra charges at the airport.

We offer you the possibility to send sports equipment because we know how important sports are for our customers. Sendparcelnow.com delivers your bikes, skis and other sports equipment wherever you are going on holiday.

If you choose to send your sports equipment with Sendparcelnow.com, you will enjoy advantages such as more relaxed travel as you are baggage free and you will save money because additional baggage charges can be very high.

Our advice to send your sports equipment with Sendparcelnow.com.is to pay attention to these simple guidelines. Sports equipment must be packaged and put into parallelepiped-shaped boxes with a maximum length of 2m. You must use a cardboard box and attach the shipping label securely.

At Sendparcelnow we want to reach many goals, one of them is to make our customers life easier and be by your side.


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