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parcel deliveryAt Sendparcelnow.com we’re different from the other low cost international couriers. We know we stand out from the rest due to our excellent pricing and efficient parcel delivery services.

Sendparcenow.com is a company composed by a team of specialists in the field of logistics, information science, technology and communication. We have unique partnerships with some of the most important express couriers across Europe which enables us to have the highest quality of parcel delivery services for you.

Our couriers make your life easier. We can pick your send parcel, send envelope or send pallet from your address and deliver them to your end destination quickly and efficiently. Our main aim is to help you send parcel, send envelope or send pallet safely and securely and support you every step of the way. At Sendparcelnow.com our culture is based on warmth, honesty, quality and confidence and we embody these values in everything we do.


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Express couriers

At Sendparcelnow.com, we have some of the best relationships with the most efficient and reliable express couriers all across Europe. Express couriers can be both people or companies that deliver items between two or more parties and organise the movement of send parcel, send envelope and send pallet from one place to another. We have recognised that there has been a growing trend in sending items from the UK to Europe and all our partnerships with our express couriers have been made, based on excellent delivery services that they provide – making sure that you are never disappointed.

parcel delivery

Freight forwarder

Sendparcelnow.com is also a freight forwarder which works in partnership with some of the best express couriers available in Europe. As a freight forwarder we make sure that we assist all our clients on how to move goods from one destination to another. We have had to adopt a number of skills and competencies to enable us to undertake what is often a complex and difficult task when arranging shipment and transport. You won’t find anyone as organised as us. We guarantee all your items will be sent quickly and safely so you have peace of mind that your package is in safe hands.

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