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how to send food Food are probably the most sent products in the world. There are many reasons why more and more people send food and drink:
personal necessities
commercial reasons (import-export of your commercial products)
With Sendparcelnow.com is possible to send food and drink whether you are a private or a company. In this guide we will give you all the information you need to do it.

Send food and drink: rules and prohibitions

Foods are a very broad products category. In the shipping world it is subjected to special procedures subjected to limits and restrictions. When it comes to food shipping, in fact, a distinction must be made between the DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOOD.

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There are food products that must necessarily be stored at very specific temperatures otherwise they risk deteriorating, such as, for example, meat, fish, fresh cheeses, milk, fresh pasta, vegetables, fruit and frozen foods.

There are also foods that are not easily perishable and, in general, have no major restrictions and can therefore travel by normal means. These include cereals, aged cheeses, sausages, biscuits, canned foods. In the first case, the shipment must be made through couriers who use adequately equipped means of transport, therefore equipped with appropriate cold rooms and relevant certifications issued by the competent authorities.

In the second case, the shipment can also be made through couriers who use non-refrigerated vehicles as long as you always pay attention to packing the products adequately and to comply with the health and hygiene standards of the containers.

Which foods you can send with sendparcelnow

Currently with SendParcelNow it is possible to ship food, as long as it is vacuum-packed, labeled and not easily perishable, such as seasoned cheese, floury foods, coffee, chocolate, olive oil and wine. But beware of these two liquid products that require adequate packaging with special polystyrene containers (see below).
The current couriers used by Sendparcelnow do not have vehicles equipped with cold rooms that allow the transport of most of the food. With Sendparcelnow, currently, therefore it is not possible to send fresh food such as, for example, fruit, vegetables, cheese and other fresh dairy products, meat, fish, etc. For these types of foods there are specialized transporters that manage only large quantities.
It is also possible to send canned food only if it is packaged in a polystyrene container.
Therefore it is possible to send food that could hardly go bad or cause damage. However we cannot guarantee that the food arrives intact to the recipient, and we assume no responsibility in case of deterioration of any food and for any reason. So the shipment of food through our current services is at your own risk.

Do you want send food now?

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Why is forbidden send some foods?

If you are thinking that our staff is too strict and you don't think about your customers, you are very wrong.

All the limitations we impose are designed solely and exclusively for the sake of our customers ... and now we explain why.

Packages travel with other packages containing electronics, clothing and equipment of various kinds, within means that move on the road. In this way it is probable that the packages placed next to each other or, even one on top of the other, during transport, suffer impacts and shocks that could break fragile objects such as glass and spill liquids. If this happened, the spilled liquids would damage the contents of your package as well as that of other people's packages.

How would you react if the shipping company to which you entrusted your package containing your PC called you, saying that, due to a crafty customer who did not respect the rules by inserting bottles of fresh sauce in his package, your PC is out of order because the bottles broke pouring the sauce on your package ??

That's why when we impose limits we say we do it for you, because we ONLY WANT TO PROTECT OUR CUSTOMERS, do the job in the best way and leave everyone satisfied.
BUT THE EFFICIENCY OF OUR SERVICE ALSO DEPENDS ON YOU !!! So, sending food (ALWAYS IN LIMITS) with Sendparcelnow will be very simple, safe, fast and convenient if you pay attention and respect the shipping rules.

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