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send a christmas giftDo you want to send a Christmas gift to your relatives? Although there are some items we cannot send, Sendparcelnow.com can help you as usual. If you need to send a Christmas gift somewhere in Europe, you should consider the dimensions of your parcel as the shipment cost is based on them. If your Christmas gift doesn’t exceed 1kg, you can choose to send an envelope or a small parcel all over Europe. Your relatives or friends will receive their gifts within a few days!

According to prices, the standard rate for European shipments starting from €19.00.

If your Christmas gift doesn’t exceed 30kg, you have to send it as a parcel. Click on Send a parcel. You already know that prices depend on the final destination of your goods as well as parcel dimensions.

Sendparcelnow.com allows you to send Christmas gifts to your relatives and friends, although you have to remember that some items cannot be sent even at Christmas time. Check out the list of prohibited items before sending them.

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