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move to a new houseDo you need to move into a new house? If so we can help. Send your items with Sendparcelnow.com which guarantees low prices and high-quality delivery. Although there are some goods you cannot send, check out the following page to find out how Sendparcelnow.com can help you move into your new home.

We cannot send furniture and electrical appliances. We might send them as a pallet but packing these items could be difficult if you don’t deal with shipments. However, we can advise you on the best moving companies.

Except for these cases, we will be glad to help you move into a new house as we know how stressful a time this is. If you need to send clothes or small items, you can definitely rely on us to get these to your new home quickly and at a low cost.

There are simple guidelines to follow: put your clothes into an intact cardboard box without labels. After packing your goods, fill the form online and make your payment. Then, print the shipping label we will send you via email and attach it securely to your parcel. All you have to do is wait for the express courier to pick up your parcels and send them to their final destination which will happen within a few days.

Moving into a new house is a very important step in life, that’s why we want to be with you during the whole process.


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