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send a christmas giftDo you want to send a Christmas gift to your relatives? Although there are some items we cannot send, can help you as usual. If you need to send a Christmas gift somewhere in Europe, you should consider the dimensions of your parcel as the shipment cost is based on them. If your Christmas gift doesn’t exceed 1kg, you can choose to send an envelope or a small parcel all over Europe. Your relatives or friends will receive their gifts within a few days!

According to prices, the standard rate for European shipments starting from €19.00.

If your Christmas gift doesn’t exceed 30kg, you have to send it as a parcel. Click on Send a parcel. You already know that prices depend on the final destination of your goods as well as parcel dimensions.

move to a new houseDo you need to move into a new house? If so we can help. Send your items with which guarantees low prices and high-quality delivery. Although there are some goods you cannot send, check out the following page to find out how can help you move into your new home.

We cannot send furniture and electrical appliances. We might send them as a pallet but packing these items could be difficult if you don’t deal with shipments. However, we can advise you on the best moving companies.

Except for these cases, we will be glad to help you move into a new house as we know how stressful a time this is. If you need to send clothes or small items, you can definitely rely on us to get these to your new home quickly and at a low cost.

freight transportEvery day we do our best to guarantee successful shipments as we specialise in freight transport. At Sendparcelnow.con we know however, there are some items that cannot be sent. This page shows you the reason why they are prohibited.

We can provide you the “list of prohibited items” containing the goods that are not allowed to be sent. The violation of these limits causes the payment of penalties or criminal sanctions. The list includes explosives, as for obvious reasons their transport could put people’s lives at risk. Perfumes are also not allowed as they are inflammable.

Some other restrictions concern types of foods. For example, cheese and charcuterie require controlled temperatures during transport. Other kinds of foods are allowed (bottles of tomato sauce, wine or extra virgin olive oil) but they have to be packed properly. It’s necessary to use polystyrene bottle racks to prevent breakages and protect glass bottles. Breakages could cause damage to the other items which we want to avoid at all costs.

send parcel abroadChoosing it will be easy to send international parcel. We are specialized in international delivery, particularly in international shipping from uk by world renowned express courier. In this page we want to show you how simple, easy and cheap it is send parcel abroad and how to book an international parcels shipment with our online web site.

ship luggageAre you going on holiday but you have too much luggage? Or do you have to move to another place? Don’t worry, allows you to ship luggage and avoid restrictions imposed by airline companies Are you thinking about buying souvenirs but you’re afraid of airport taxes? We can help.The following page shows you how to ship your luggage safely.

It’s very simple and cheap to ship luggage with We provide you with low prices and fast shipping services which allows your luggage to arrive quickly to your specified destination.

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