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send parcel abroadChoosing Sendparcelnow.com it will be easy to send international parcel. We are specialized in international delivery, particularly in international shipping from uk by world renowned express courier. In this page we want to show you how simple, easy and cheap it is send parcel abroad and how to book an international parcels shipment with our online web site.

How to send a parcel abroad

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Nowadays send parcels abroad is a very popular trend. There are those who send parcels internationally for commercial reasons, those who need to send parcels overseas because they have to move to a new city to study. Then there are also those who send parcels to friends and family with gifts or requested items. Sendparcelnow.com is able to satisfy every shipping need because it allows you to send a parcel abroad standard (for standard items) or make a large parcel delivery (for special and oversizes items) saving time, effort and money. In short, as you will have understood, there are many reasons why people have to send a parcel abroad, the important thing to do before organizing a shipment is to pay attention to some important aspects for a shipment, and we will list them for you below.

Respect weight and dimension limits

The first advice for sending parcels internationally is to always respect the weight and dimension limits. With SendParcelNow.com you can send a parcel up to 50 kg in weight and 3 meters in overall dimension. You can also send extra-large parcels, but by get a quote first through which we will evaluate if the dimensions and weight are really too excessive to prevent shipping.

On our wheight and dimensions page you can find all you need to know about weight and dimensions limits of a parcel to send abroad. This page will show you why it’s better not to exceed the limits, and remind you to contact us in case of any doubts about weight and size of your parcel, when making a large parcel delivery. If you are not sure please send us an email or contact us by whatsapp or facebook and provide details about the shape, measures and other features of your parcel.

Check that the items to be shipped are allowed in the destination country

There are some specific laws on international transport to regulate the transit of goods abroad. It is generally forbidden to ship dangerous goods such as flammable liquids, firearms, sidearms, ect. To verify that the goods you have to send fall within those allowed for a shipment abroad, you can consult the list of prohibited items in the How it works section at the bottom of this page.

Pack your international parcel with the right materials

Packaging is the best guarantee for each shipment. Before sending a parcelabroad, be sure to protect the items you need to ship in a right way. Remember that they will travel for 3-4 days together to other parcels inside vans, so it is best to use suitable materials to protect them from bumps and jolts due to transport. We have a section dedicated to parcel packaging to provide you with all the advice you need to create the perfect packaging for your parcel to be shipped. You can consult it at the bottom of this page.

How to book an international parcel delivery with Sendparcelnow.com

Once you have verified that the parcel to be shipped complies with the weight and dimension limits and contains items allowed in the destination country, you can proceed to book the shipment. Through our shipping services you can sending parcels to Europe from Uk and vice versa. To book a standard international parcel delivery online fill in the parcel shipping order form, enter the details of the sender, the recipient and the parcels to be sent, then select the date of collection and proceed with the online payment, secure by credit card, of debit or Pay Pal. Finally, print the shipping label that will arrive by email (one for each parcel) and wait for the courier who will come to collect at your home on the established collection day.

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