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send phoneDo you need to send phone? Read guidelines on how to do this correctly and safely. This page talks about costs, packaging methods and security and assurance to send a phone to Europe.

Send phone: how do I start?

Before you send phone, we suggest you to follow our guidelines to ensure your phone is packed correctly. New phones are very fragile so they can easily be damaged. Use insulating materials to protect them from pressure and impact. Avoid cardboard boxes with labels which may point out that the parcel contains valuables. If you want to send your phone, make sure your pack it correctly by putting it back into the original packaging and fill the void with bubble wrap and polystyrene. When finalising your package place your phone into a strong cardboard box.

After packing your phone, measure its weight and sides in order to fill in the form online. Then go to and book your shipment with our easy to fill out form. You just have to provide us with the information of your parcel and click on “book your shipment”. After booking, you will need to pay and wait for an email to confirm the order. The express courier will pick up the parcel at the sender’s address on the set date and deliver it within a few days. Shipping time depends on the final destination of the parcel - it can take 3-4 working days to send a parcel abroad, and 1-2 workdays for national shipping services. Furthermore, we will provide you a tracking number that you can use to check the delivery status of your parcel.

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