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sending clothesDo you plan to move cities and need to send your clothes to your new house? Are you selling clothes online and need a reliable delivery service?
Sendparcelnow.com is your answer! Our trustworthy service sends clothes in a simple and convenient way.
Many of our clients need to send shirts, skirts, shoes, and so on from one place to another. One of the numerous specialised services we offer is delivering packages containing clothing and garments of all kinds.

With Sendparcelnow.com you can send larger quantities of clothes ahead of your holiday or before moving abroad to save the hassle of carrying suitcases from A to B. Or, on a smaller scale, ship a garment you just sold on eBay.
With our shipping services it's easy to organise a shipment of clothes anywhere in Europe without paying large sums of money or wasting time queuing at the post office. We make it easy to send clothes within the UK, from the UK to Europe, or vice versa.

Send clothes across Europe with just one click

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Sending clothes with us is really easy, it doesn't require any pre-existing experience or expertise in the shipping field. Simply carefully prepare your package according to our guidelines before shipping.
Packaging clothes for delivery is relatively straightforward, they aren’t fragile, so don't require a strict packing method. It is necessary, however, to use strong cardboard boxes that will protect your clothes until they get to their destination. You can re-use old cardboard boxes, as long as they're in good condition and have any visible old packaging labels removed or hidden.

You can even ship packed suitcases. About to move but have too many suitcases to fit into your removal van? No need to unpack your carefully arranged suitcase, simply put it in a cardboard box and send it, as is. For more information about this service please read our guideline "How to ship luggage".

Once you've prepared your package according to our guidelines, book your shipment online and fill in the order form in just a few clicks. Follow the weight and measurement limits of our standard shipments to benefit from very convenient and competitive clothes shipping tariffs.
Once your online booking is confirmed, stick the label we send you via email onto one side of your cardboard box. Our express courier will soon collect the parcel from your location and start the shipment process.

Sending clothes: restrictions and forbidden clothes

With SendParcelNow.com you can send clothes easily, however, not every type of clothing can be shipped. For example, our policy strictly forbids the transport of real fur coats.
If you need to ship valuable clothes, we advise having a chat with our customer support advisors first to make sure you have the correct cover for your parcel.
You can easily ship all types of clothing, from jeans, tops, and jumpers, to skirts, suits, and underwear, and, of course, accessories like shoes, bags, and hats too. Almost any type of garment or accessory you need to make you feel at home.  

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