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coronavirus shipmentAs a consequence of the worldwide emergency situation, and in particular of Europe, regarding the Coronavirus epidemic, and the measures taken by the various States, Sendparcelnow.com is keen to point out that at the moment through our shipping services it’s still possible to ship in the UK and around Europe, both in import and export, without taking any risks or violating the government directives of the various states.

The shipping sector has not undergone any limitations or restrictions because the Covid-19 virus doesn’t remain on surfaces and objects for a long time, therefore the transfer of goods doesn’t represent a high risk of contagion action.

SendParcelNow.com invite everyone, however, to pay close attention even when making a shipment, and to follow the hygiene rules suggested by the health institutes.
We advise those who must ship to disinfect the goods to be shipped and deliver them to the courier keeping the minimum distance to avoid any possible contagion.

For all shipments that depart or are destined for Italy, France or from an European state affected by a significant contamination that has prompted the government to order a nationwide quarantine period, with restrictions on social activities if not strictly necessary, we inform couriers they ensure continuous service, providing for possible delays due only to more routine checks.

For more information or to receive assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, Facebook or whatsapp.



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