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how to track a parcelIf you need to know the status of your parcel, go to the parcel tracking page, then use the bar code and the tracking code of your parcel. Our express couriers provide this service free of charge for your peace of mind
With SendparcelNow.com you can track your shipment through our quick and innovative tracking system. Knowing exactly where your valuable parcel is makes all the difference, so there’s no need to lose sleep over delivering precious items
Here are some guidelines on how to track a parcel quickly and simply with our innovative tracking system.

What you need to track your parcel

Tracking a parcel is very simple using our online tracking system. We will always provide everything you need: the tracking number and the transport operator in charge of the shipping.

Tracking number

A tracking number is an alpha-numeric number assigned to an item for the purpose of tracking its shipment. This code distinguishes each shipment from all others. Every courier is personally tracked by a code made up of one invariable part, designated specifically to them, and another part, that changes for each shipment.

Know the courier

Every time you send an item with SendParcelNow.com, your parcel will be given to a specific courier. You will get information of exactly who your personal courier is, so you'll be able to identify them when it comes to your parcel being picked-up. You’ll also know exactly which courier service operator to select online when using our parcel tracking service to verify traceability.

How to track a parcel with SendParcelNow.com

To track a parcel with our tracking system, visit our website's home page and click on ''Track''. Type the tracking number in the relevant field and select the courier in charge of the delivery.
The monitoring system will be updated with information provided by your personal courier within a few hours after pick-up. Before tracking can begin, your courier will need to get to the depot and scan your parcel. For this reason, we advise waiting a few hours before logging on to track your parcel.
From the moment your parcel has been scanned at the depot, the tracking number will be launched. From that time on you’ll be able to check your parcel’s progress with your tracking number. Every time your shipment gets to an interchange depot it will be scanned. Information on its location and next destination will be uploaded to our tracking system at each point until it reaches the delivery address.

Your order shipping status

The traceability of a shipping order is important. It allows the possibility to monitor your parcels at every movement and confirm its status. In fact, if changes or problems occur during transportation, the couriers will indicate them.
A few possible shipping notices you could find when checking your tracking online are:

OUT FOR DELIVERY: The parcel will be delivered within the day;

DELAY DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: The parcel delivery has been delayed due to circumstances outside of the courier's control (for example, weather conditions, strikes, and technical, or logistical issues);

WRONG ADDRESS: The courier has identified a problem with the provided delivery address. In this case, get in contact with a customer service operator as soon as possible to confirm the location of your delivery address;

RECIPIENT CLOSED OR NOT AVAILABLE: Although we provide a tracking number which enables our clients to know when delivery will occur, sometimes the recipient is not available to receive the parcel. If you see this note on your tracking status, contact us immediately to organise a new delivery time. If your courier doesn’t receive notice of a new delivery time, they are obliged to arrange a “return to sender order”, which could lead to you receiving a penalty charge.

These are only some examples of shipment status notices. If you are in any doubt over the tracking of your parcel, or a status notice, our advice is to contact us immediately.

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