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how to ship a bicycleAre you wondering how to ship a bicycle? You've come to the right place! With SendParcelNow.com you can ship a bicycle in a safe, quick, and cost-effective way!

Why ship a bicycle?

There are many reasons why you might need to ship a bicycle. A purchase, sale, relocation, or even a gift can lead you to need to get a bicycle from A to B via a courier service.
We can help you ship a bike within the United Kingdom and Europe through our shipping services. We use only the best international express couriers to send parcels abroad.

How to ship a bicycle with SendparcelNow.com

Shipping a bike with SendParcelNow.com is a piece of cake! Simply visit our website, fill in the shipment order form with the sender and recipient's information, the weight and measurements of the bike, then schedule the pickup.

How much does it cost to ship a bike?

The price of shipping a bike is calculated by its weight and measurements. Of course, the more bulky the bike is, the more it will cost to transport. Luckily, we offer very convenient tariffs and standard prices for even the bulkiest type of shipments.

Where can you ship a bicycle to?

With SendParcelNow.com you can ship a bike nationwide, to and from the United Kingdom, and indeed, anywhere in Europe, without spending a lot of money. So, if you need international delivery, it’s really not a problem!

How to pack a bicycle for shipping

pack bicycleWhen you prepare a bike for shipment, it's very important to pack it in a way that will protect it from possible shocks and pressure.
''The best warranty of a shipment is the packaging''.
It's important to pack a bike correctly in order to, firstly, protect it, and secondly, save money on your shipping costs. If the bike is big, and therefore bulky, it's best to disassemble the parts where possible to reduce its size. This way, it'll take up less space, and the overall size of the packaging will easily fall within our standard parcel dimensions. Shipping a standard size package is always more convenient.

Use suitable materials

What you need to pack a bike:

  • Padding, ie bubble wrap and polystyrene    
  • A cardboard box to cover the bike
  • Packing tape
  • Plastic grip seal bags
  • A wrench and screwdriver to disassemble the bike.   

Make sure you have everything at your disposal before you start packing the bike, otherwise, you'll waste time trying to find what you need as you go along.
Start by disassembling the bike. Generally, the pedals, wheels, saddle, and handlebars can all be unscrewed and packed individually.
During this operation, remember to insert all the screws and bolts in plastic grip seal bags. Stick each grip seal bag to its corresponding part for easy re-assembly once the bike arrives at its destination.
Wrap each disassembled bike part with bubble wrap, making sure each is well protected.
Next, move on to lining the cardboard packing box with polystyrene sheets. Once the box is fully lined to protect the contents, place your individually wrapped bike components inside the box. Make sure you put enough padding between all the individual parts so they can’t bang into each other. Also, check there are no empty spaces in the box that could allow the parts to move during transport.
Lastly, close the box and seal it with tape.

Delivery time for bike shipments

Delivery time for a bike shipment is approximately 1-2 working days for national shipping, and 3-4 working days for international shipping. If it's a gift, take these delivery times into consideration to make sure the bike arrives on time.

Now you know how to pack and ship a bicycle. Simply follow our instructions to get a bike shipped!

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