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send musical instrumentHey You Musician!
You must be tired of seeing your loved instrument being treated with absolute not respect.
Sendparcelnow.com is that caring company you are looking for to send your gear abroad.
We send Musical Instruments all over Europe, offering a safe, comfortable and pleasant journey to your gear!
The service is trackable until the package reaches destination.

Send your gear safely and conveniently

Our “SEND MUSICAL GEAR” service is requested by thousands of people every year.
Thanks to our partnership with the greatest World Express Couriers, your request will be dealt with by the most professional people on the market.
Our resources allow us to offer a professional, efficient and reliable service at a very reasonable price whit the partnership of the most popular express couriers of the world.

How to pack a musical instrument

As you already know, musical instruments require particular care and attention and to send them it is necessary to follow our packaging suggestions. Packing and sealing the items correctly is a guarantee of safe and impact-proof shipping. A guitar, for example, which is not properly packed, which is not inserted in a rigid and firm box, which should be placed in a battered cardboard box or deformed and without any protective material, can suffer, in most cases, damage due to the various stresses that occur during the transport of arrival at the destination. For these reasons, to prevent shocks and jolts from compromising the integrity of your precious object, it is necessary to insert it in the special hard cases.

Each musical instrument you intend to send must be inserted in the hard case and then carefully packed with shock-absorbing material, such as bubble wrap or polystyrene, which completely protects each part. Simply complete the packaging by inserting it or wrapping it with sturdy rigid cardboard boxes that you will have to seal with adhesive tape.

To find the correct packaging materials, we advise you to consult our section packaging materials.

We operate in all European countries and you can use our services as a private individual or for business purpose.

It’s extremely easy to book your shipment.
Go on our website, fill in the shipping order form with you details and request.

A Courier will collect your package at your address and will deliver to the requested address in no time!


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