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how to send a letterNeed to send a passport, a certificate or other type of original document somewhere but have no idea how to send a letter by mail?

You can send a letter, including original documents in a safe, quick and cost-efficient way with SendParcelNow.com simply by booking your parcel online.

We’re living in an era that allows us to deliver information anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. However, even the most modern technology can’t send your original documents that quickly.
The speed at which we share information nowadays is astonishing. E-mails and countless instant messaging applications let you send information with a simple screenshot or scan.

However, sometimes you’ll need to deliver important documents in their physical form, this is especially true for companies. In these cases, new media simply can't replace the classic practice of sending letters via mail.
We will explain how to send a letter via mail in a quick, safe, practical and cost-efficient way by booking online with SendParcelNow.com.

How to send a letter with Sendparcelnow.com

Sending a letter via post can seem like a simple task. However, in comparison to sending information quickly via modern technology, it’s actually very time-consuming. Our busy lives call for a quick solution. Just as we have e-commerce options to deliver our shopping rather than visiting shopping malls, it’s also possible to send a letter through the post via a simple online service.
Why waste time and resources looking for a stamp, envelope, letterbox or post office, or writing out shipping information, when all this can be skipped with just a touch of your smartphone screen?


Go to SendParcelNow.com, click the ''Send an envelope'' button, provide your pickup and destination information, then pay with PayPal or a debit or credit card. It’s that easy! Once you’re booked in, we’ll send shipping labels for you to print and attach to your letter. We’ll also send a courier to your home or office on your preferred day, to pick it up.
The delivery? To the door, standard or express (24 working hours). What’s more, our innovative tracking system allows you to monitor your parcel’s progress online.

How much does it cost to send a letter with SendParcelNow.com?

You’re probably asking yourself how much is to send a letter with innovative service. Surely it’s expensive? No, it’s not!
You can enjoy this fast, safe, high-quality service at a low, fixed price. What’s more, the price is lower than using traditional postal services.
To discover the cost of sending a letter using SendParcelNow.com, simply request a quote through our online form. If you need additional information, our operators will be happy to help. Get in touch by sending an e-mail or contacting our customer services.
Are you ready to send mail using our quick, safe and convenient online service? Go to SendParcelNow.com today. You can rely on us!

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