ship luggageAre you going on holiday but you have too much luggage? Don’t worry, allows you to ship luggage and avoid restrictions imposed by airline companies Are you thinking about buying souvenirs but you’re afraid of airport taxes? We can help.The following page shows you how to ship your luggage safely.

It’s very simple and cheap to ship luggage with We provide you with low prices and fast shipping services which allows your luggage to arrive quickly to your specified destination.

Do you know how to ship luggage? First of all, choose what you want to ship and how many luggages you will need. Then book the shipment by clicking the button below and filling in the online order form with sender and recipient addresses and other shipping information.

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For a best services first calculate delivery times and choose the right date of departure (the delivery times of generally don’t exceed 72 hours.

How to pack a luggage to be ship

We recommend you pack your luggage properly in order to avoid any issues. You can put your luggage into a strong cardboard box or wrap it with packaging film. We advise you to use a strong cardboard box for the shipment of hard side luggage, otherwise use more cardboard boxes to wrap it completely. Hard side luggage is more fragile than soft side luggage, which is the reason why you need to ensure they are packed properly. First of all, pack fragile items and put them into the box to avoid breakages. Then, put your luggage into a big cardboard box and wrap it with adhesive tape.

There are many advantages to shipping luggage such as having no weight limits, this makes it hard to resist the urge to buy souvenirs for family and friends. Make sure you wrap them safely, put them into a box and send your souvenirs back home with

Please note there is no need to provide documents to send parcels to European countries.


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